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This 1974 DS23 can be seen here on the Tehran Racing Circuit, with on board Houtan
Arefi and the car's owner, Alireza Afsahi. They wanted to test by themselves the car's
famous stability on corners at high speed. The test result was positive, of course.       
Alireza (right, with the black shirt, with
Houtan next to him) once saw a metallic
grey DS when he was a boy, maybe 6 or 7
years old, and became hooked to Citroen
for the rest of his life. He also owns a C5
Hydractive, and is looking for a CX to
restore, and maybe later yet another DS.
He found this one in very bad condition in
2010, and painstakingly restored it to its
present condition, with original parts
imported mainly from Germany.