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Ruben spent years trying to locate a DS,
and when he did find one, he had it painted
bright orange, with a white roof. Like on this
famous 1961 ID19 brochure (right). In fact
he prefers vivid colours, his PC is also
orange, and being an architect, he
confesses a taste for things a little bit
This is Ruben's 1970 DS21 Pallas when he found it, back in 2009. It was in poor condition
and was grounded for about 4 to 5 years. Ruben immediately set to have it fully restored,
and the job was done in 8 months. No single part was imported from Europe; it would be
simply too expensive, and local Customs are too difficult to clear. Parts were thus either
replaced by similar ones, or order-made locally. The car is now complete and running, and
Ruben regularly drives it on week-ends. Good job !
This is not Ruben's first
experience with a Citroen.
His first car was a GS, still
locally assembled by
Citroen's Indonesian
exclusive distributor PT Alun
when he purchased it brand
new in 1990. He then tried to
find a 2CV, but had to settle
in 1994 on a Dyane, which
he had to restore from A to Z.

Any more classic Citroen
purchase project ? "No,
because I have realized my
dream with this DS, it is the
end of the journey".
Mmmhh... Something tells
me we'll hear from Ruben

Below: during a Citroen meet
in October, 2010.
Above: the "Citroen" logo, and the handle, have been hand-made locally ! No single part has been imported from
Europe for the restoration of this car. Hats off !