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A 1973 DS21, along with a 2CV and a
Mehari, in the "France" section of a newly
opened car museum in Batu, near Malang
in East Java, one of the largest in Asia.
Everybody takes selfies in front of the Eiffel
Tower replica just next to the DS. Called
"Museum Angkut" ("Angkut" meaning
"Transportation"), it was created by local
tycoon Paul Sastro, who already owns
shopping centers and amusement parks
in the area. The 300+ exhibits have mostly
been imported.  
The museum provides
a fun and educative
environment, although
many cars lack detailed
explanations. It is
arranged in historical
and country sections, with
a Parisian kind of setting
for the "France" corner.
The model Eiffel Tower
in the middle steals the
show !
As we can tell
from this
insurance sticker,
the car was
previously in use
in the Vienne
Prefecture in
The two other Citroens: a 1976 yellow  Mehari, and a
1972 red 2CV. I was told there is also a Dyane in the
warehouse. I could enter the warehouse but could not
find the car.
Below: a few more views of the museum, where some space has also been allocated to a
recreation of an old street of Batavia (present-day Jakarta) and a collection of traditional
becak (3-wheel pedicab = cycle rickshaw).
The museum has its website, see here (bahasa):

Many thanks to Daniel, of the East Java Citroen Club, for taking me there !