Probably one of the most beautiful DS in
Indonesia. Its owner recalls for us his first
encounters with the DS, how he could find
one in Jakarta at last, and how he restored
it to its current condition:
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" My interest in the DS as far as I can recall
was when my parents took me to Paris
back in 1973. I do not understand about car
at that time, but the DS's shape is rather
interesting to me. Time passed by and
sometimes in early '90s my brother came
home with a DS21 break of 1972's. His car
appeared to be complete but need some
sort of attention on it's mechanical side. My
meeting with this DS was somehow relieve
my subconscious about DS. I start looking
for DS but it rather difficult to find one in
Indonesia. "

" In early 1999, I was visiting a service
garage in Jakarta when I stumble to this DS
in rather sorry condition. The car was in
need of attention. Yet, the car appears to
be complete. According to the garage
owner, the car was driven when it arrived.
But the car owner had kept the car there in
the garage as he was planning to restore it.
It took me a year to convince the owner to
let the car sold to me. I finally acquired the
car in March 2000. It is a DS23 Pallas
1973 with 5 speed gearbox. "
" I first took the car to a Citroen mechanic in
out skirt of Jakarta. I had the engine and
transmission removed. I then towed the car
to a body shop for a total "frame off"
restoration. "

" As you can see, the car was having Green
Velvet interior. In fact, from its paper, I
understood that it's original colour was green
metallic. But I decided to repaint the car to
solid black, the same colour as I found the
car. I had the car re upholstered with black
leather. "
" I have to give the greatest credit to my brother who
helped me a lot in putting this car in the present shape.
Without him, it would be impossible to me keeping the
breath in restoring the car. I also have to credit my friend
who own a DS21 1969. He also motivate me more on
the DS and even lent me the air ducting near the front
brake so that I can make copy for my car since mine
was missing. "
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These pictures could also be found on the site of
Pranada, an "automotive enthusiast, especially
interested in Citroen".
The site ceased to exist, but
you can check here for more on Citroen amateurs in
Indonesia (Bahasa):
Update ! (April 2012) Gorgeous photos of Mr. K's
gorgeous DS, found on the web some time ago, but I
did not keep a record of who and what. If the author of
this beautiful work of art reads these lines, please call
me at once, I feel we have many things in common.   
Update ! (July 2013) Mr K seems to have
caught the DS virus, because he has
started to extend his collection, with two
more cars: a "break", and the (formerly)
emerald green DS which was the mascot
of the Citroen Club of Indonesia,
presented in this site,  
Let's reproduce Mr K's own words here:

"1974 DS21 break: the car is still with its
original paint but need restoration. I am
still working on this one. The power
steering rack being repaired. So, I am
working on its mechanical part to begin
with. Thereafter the body work. But the
work keep delayed, as I am working on
other project that I will elaborate later. "

"1968 DS21 Berline: This is the car that
you may have seen it before during you
visit to Indonesia before. The car belongs
to the Citroen Club. I bought from the club
and I intend to restore her to former glory.
An uphill battle indeed. At present the
re-made body work has been completed
(metal works). Thereafter, I need to buy all
the rubber and window channel. Not to
mention about cracked transmission. So,
I need to overhaul the engine completely
and find the transmission as well. So, still
a long way."
A long way no doubt, but Mr K has already
proven that he has what it takes to bring
such a project to completion. So let's look
forward to seeing these cars back on the
road again !
Update ! (December 2014): The beautiful black DS23 at a local classic car exhibition,
from facebook pages.