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Two key moments in Hamdani's life. The
day he found a DS in Jakarta, and his
wedding day. The DS was invited of course.

The wedding ceremony took place one
beautiful day in November 2001 (a little bit
rainy, in fact). No doubt Hamdani was very
proud of his beautiful wife, but also of his
fully restored 1969 DS21.  
The love story (from here on I shall talk only
about the car if you don't mind) starts when
young Hamdani discovers the DS in a comic
book given to him by his uncle. Later in the
'80 when he moves to the Netherlands for his
architectural studies, he encounters the real
thing, commonly used then as a cheap
second-hand car by students, and eventually
buys his own, a grey DS21 which he goes on
driving for 10 years.

Back to Jakarta, he has to settle on a GS
until he finally puts his hands on this DS, in
June 1995.  Its first owner is said to have
been a French engineer who worked for a
dam project in Purwakarta, West Java.

The car was laying abandoned and rusting
for 10 years, but it was complete. Parts were
shipped in from the Netherlands, and in
October 1995 a full restoration was
undertaken, with the precious help of a
senior Citroen engineer, Mr Tan Kok An:
engine first, then chassis, suspension, body,
new dark blue paint, final assembly, and...
voilà !
Hamdani drives his DS mainly during week-ends, and on express ways; the traffic conditions
in downtown Jakarta, and the heat, are too extreme for the car. He reports that onlookers
have very different and sometimes amusing reactions : some people admire the car, some
think it is an american model, some don't understand the value, while some even assume it's
got to be the latest Citroen model !
Top: a nice ivory hide has been used to refurbish the

Left: the black and striped C-Pillar panel is quite
unusual. Not existing in original DS production, it
must be a local repair or modification. Rather neat,

Below: The car in Jakarta, in 1996.
Upper top left: Hamdani still has the old comic book
where he saw a DS for the first time in his life: a Dutch
language edition of the french "Michel Vaillant" series.

Left and below: the car when Hamdani found it and
during restoration work, in 1995.
Update ! (July 2015) A nice photo of
Hamdani's car, recently posted on