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To be precise, Galih had a fourth DS, but he
sold it. He also used to have two CX Pallas.
For once, I will let him make the talking:   

"My Name is Galih Rakasiwi, 45 years old.
My job is GIS (Geographic Information
System) Specialist, in the Center of Coastal
and Marine, Bogor Agricultural Institute. I live
in Bogor City, West Java Province,

" I like Citroen because their cars are very
unique, for body and suspension, I think they
are funny cars..."

"One day when I was about 15 years old, I
saw a magenta Citroen Dyane in my birth
city Bandung (the Paris of Java, he3), I was
surprised, and interested by this car. I
thought, I must have this car one day. Before
I started to play with Citroens, I played with
off-road cars (Chevy LUV); but one day in
the newspaper, I read an advertising "For
sale Citroen CX Pallas" ! Wow, I thought , I
really don't know what this car can be. So I
visited the seller... Amazing ! A very nice CX
Pallas ! But unfortunately, the car was sold.
But a while later, I could buy my first CX, a
blue one. And then later on, I bought another
Citroen from another place, etc."

"These are pictures from my first DS. I found
it, then started to restore it two years later,
and I intend to terminate the job. The engine
still works, so I repaired the hydraulic
system, using a GS system, and the result
is very good. Now, I consider the job is done
at 90%. There are things I still need to finish,
like install the fuel tank, install a dynamo,
make a roof rack etc."
"And finally, here is my third DS. The doors
are complete but I removed them. This is a
big challenge too: no engine, no glasses, no
hydraulic system, etc. I once planned to
make it a convertible, but it might be more
realistic to keep its original shape."
Galih in Bogor, West Java, thought it would
be "funny" to start a Citroen collection; now
he has three 3 DS (all of them in "Safari"
station wagon bodies), two 2CV, two Dyane,
two AK, one FAF and one Mehari to play
with... but they are in various conditions, and
Galih has yet to try and drive a DS at least
once in his whole life.
Left: Galih Rakasiwi
with a friend in front of
one of his DS.
"It is difficult to find and restore a DS in
Indonesia. I have been helped by my
workers, concerning body repair, painting,
engine, hydraulic, electricity, interior...
Sometimes, I make body parts, or modify
other spare parts from another car,
Japanese cars for instance."

"I have a friend, Fabien de Valroger, a
Frenchman who visited me in 2011. He
helped me, he sent me glass covers for the
headlamps. For the back lamps, I use Land
Rover lamps. For the hydraulic system parts,
I use GS parts with little modification. I find
information on Internet, books, and thanks to
my friends."

"I have not driven any of my DS yet; I just
wander around in my workshop, feeling
amazed about them. I think the DS is an
alien car !"
"What is so special about the DS ? Well, the
first time I saw one, I must have been about
12 years old, in Bandung, in 1978. I saw that
black DS parked on the road, and I touched
it... Many years ago I tried to find that car
again, I met with the daughter of the owner,
but she did not know where the car was,
because it had been sold. I found the three
estate DS that I have now at the same place,
in Depok City, about 40km from Bogor. I
knew the owner, so when he wanted to sell
he just called me.

"These are pictures from my second DS. In
its original condition, this DS was a DS
Break, and I rebuilt it to be a saloon. When I
bought it, it had only the body, no engine, no
gearbox. I will use a Mitsubishi engine (1600
cc), with a Citroen GS gearbox, which are
now ready to be mounted. This is a great
challenge for me."
Right: There is no indication
of the model-year on Galih's
DS. But at least this one is
almost complete, and the
restoration is making
Left and below: Galih's second DS,
which he already turned from a station
wagon body into a "saloon" or sedan
Left and below: the rest of Galih's
Citroen collection: 2CV, a rutilant
green Mehari, a FAF, Dyane and AK