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In a yard in Depok, a suburb of Jakarta, a
blue DS is waiting for a new life, along with
a few other Citroen sisters. I was taken
there in November, 2014, by Pranada, a
Citroen enthusiast and experienced DS in
Asia hunter.
No information about its history. The plate
indicates a 1964-made ID19, which does
not seem right, and the seats are even not
those from a DS, but then again it can be
made from bits and pieces from other cars.
I am told it belonged to a TV guy.
Several other Citroens lie in the yard: GS, CX, 2CV, Dyane, Mehari...  And next to this
blue DS, an unmistakable bodyline hidden under a plastic cover: another DS ! This
work-in-process belongs to Galih, and was originally an estate.
More about Gadih's
The mechanic in charge explains he used to work for PT Alun, Citroen's distributor in the
country from 1968 to 1994, who also assembled the FAF, the GS, the CX and other
models. He kept these Mehari plastic body panels, just in case, and this "Citroen Parts &
Service" board. On the back glass of a Dyane, a sticker for the Citroen Club Indonesia
Jakarta, which is not active anymore.