The proud owner of a DS 21 Pallas,
photographed by Pascal in Jakarta in
summer 2006. He has patiently made some
modifications in order to adapt the car to the
local heat conditions.
The scorching heat, leading to vapor-lock or
engine overheat, is typically a major
headache for DS owners in hot countries.
This one has tried to facilitate the air
circulation in and out the engine room by
making several overtures, maybe not fully
respectful of the original design, but
certainly creative.
The original leather interior,
still visible on the door
panels, has been renovated
in brown velvet.

The current owner is only the
second one, and he has
bought the car about 20
years ago.
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These pictures could also be found on the site of Pranada, an "automotive enthusiast,
especially interested in Citroen".
The site ceased to exist, but you can check here for
more on Citroen amateurs in Indonesia (Bahasa):
Update ! (March 2014) A
recent photo of Pak Nanag
and his beautiful DS,
snatched on Facebook.