Not many DS in Indonesia it seems, and a high ratio of estates ! The story goes
that French engineers working on a dam project in a remote area brought them
over, as they needed the most convenient and comfortable cars that existed...
This DS21 is the mascot of the Citroen Club Indonesia Jakarta. Its
members intend to restore it one day, but they have work ahead.
pictures and the link to the original site
The proud owner of a DS 21 Pallas, photographed by Pascal in Jakarta
in summer 2006. He has patiently made some modifications in order to
adapt the car to the local heat conditions.
Many more pictures
An estate, found on the Net several years ago. Not in a very good
condition, but probably quite an exotic sight locally.
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A photo of a two-colour estate, sent by a friend of Pascal.
And yet another estate, but in a much better condition, in the classic
car collection of a certain Handoko in Yogyakarta, visited by Pascal.
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Probably one of the most beautiful DS in Indonesia. Its owner recalls
for us his first encounters with the DS, how he could find one in
Jakarta at last, and how he restored it to its current condition,
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Two key moments in Hamdani's life. The day he found a DS in Jakarta,
and his wedding day. The DS was invited of course.
The complete &
romantic story is
Bali is famous for its unique culture, its dances, its hindu temples and
its white sand beaches. Now it should be famous also for its Citroen
collection !
Peter tells us how and where he found and restored his
DS, GS, Mehari, etc,
Ruben spent years trying to locate a DS, and when he did find one, he
had it painted bright orange, with a white roof. Like on the famous 1961
ID19 brochure.
See his story
A rare picture of one of the few DS in "estate" version used by the
French engineers working on the dam project in Jatiluhur in the '60s.
This dam, still today the country's largest, was built by the French
companies COB (Coyne et Bellier Consultant) and CFE (Compagnie
Française d'Entreprise). Document D. Domanski.
Galih in Bogor, West Java, thought it would be "funny" to start a
Citroen collection; now he has three 3 DS, two 2CV, two Dyane, two
AK, one FAF and one Mehari to play with... but they are in various
conditions, and Galih has yet to try and drive a DS at least once in his
whole life.
See his crazy collection
In a yard in Depok, a suburb of Jakarta, a blue DS is waiting for a
new life, along with a few other Citroen sisters.
More photos
A convertible DS on this ad for "2-be Motor Service", a garage in
Surabaya, East Java !
This DS left lying for years in Bekasi, a suburb of Jakarta, has been
recently towed away to Bandung, where its new owner intends to
restore it. Let's hope for the best.
More photos
A 1973 DS21, along with a 2CV and a Mehari, in the "France" section
of a newly opened car museum in Batu, near Malang in East Java, one
of the largest in Asia. Everybody takes selfies in front of the Eiffel
Tower replica just next to the DS.
Full photo report
A 1970 DSuper, originally from Medan and now in Jakarta, Kalimalang