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Bali is famous for its unique culture, its
dances, its hindu temples and its white
sand beaches. Now it should be famous
also for its Citroen collection !
Peter van den Hoek Ostende, a Dutch
national, seen above with his "ace
assistant" Gung, travelled and worked in
many countries before settling down in
1979 in Bali, where he now manages a

Over the years his passion for old cars
made him find, bring back home and
restore dozens of cars. Today, his amazing
collection includes no less than eleven
Citroen, basically the whole range from the
2CV to the SM, all of them found locally !

Peter has been a fan of Citroen, and of the
DS in particular, since his student days. It
took him years to locate his first Balinese
"snoek" (Dutch for "pike", the surname of
the DS in Holland), but of course the owner
did not want to sell at first, finding strange
that a foreigner wanted that car and not a
brand-new Mercedes. But finally, in 1995,
Peter managed to bring back home this
first Balinese DS, a white 1972 DS21.
Peter could restore the car with parts
shipped from Holland, and also thanks to
the precious help of Pak Putu, probably the
last mechanic with a Citroen experience on
the island.

At the same time, Peter continued to visit
old car yards and merchants in and around
Jakarta, the capital. One such place, called
Inti Motor, was managed by a tough
negociator, Tony. There he found his
second DS, a 1973 silver grey DS23 with
original air conditioning. It him took some
time and a lot of patience to finally obtain
the car, and a while later, Tony even
managed to find and sell to Peter the
original papers of the first DS, the white
"Balinese snoek" ! The grey DS23 was
also restored with the help of Pak Putu,
and it is now the one which Peter uses on
a regular basis. Around the same time, in
1997, Peter brought back from Tony's yard
two more DS: another 1973 DS23, a brown
one, and a 1972 ID21 estate, which are yet
to be restored.
Top: all pictures above show Peter's "second" DS, the
1973 silver grey DS23, which he uses regularly for
week-end drives around the coast, through mountain
roads, surrounded by rice paddies, or in the cities of
Ubud and Denpasar (the island's major city) .

Left: the "second" DS when Peter found it at Tony's
garage, in 1996. It took him one year to negociate the car.

Below: The "first" DS, the white 1972 DS21, before and
after restoration.
Top, and right: Peter's third DS, another 1973 DS23, still
under restoration.
Above: the fourth DS, an estate on a 1972 ID21 base.
Restoration has not started yet.

Left: thanks to a patient work of what may be called
automotive archeology, Peter managed to trace back the
history of his cars. They have all been imported early on,
and have been owned exclusively by Indonesian
amateurs before him.
Peter's other Citroens (clockwise): a GSA; one of his two 2CV, next to the "first" DS; two FAF, a typical indonesian
production on Mehari base, yet to be restored; one of his two Mehari, this one being used daily.
And last but not least, a SM ! This one is said to have
belonged to the Spanish embassy in Jakarta. It seems
there are only two such cars in the country !
Going to Bali is a great experience. It is
even better if you stay at Peter's place;
link to his guesthouse (Dutch and
Update ! (June 2011) A nice surprise when
I visited Peter in April, 2011: the second
Indonesian SM was in his garage ! He
accepted its owner's request for a full
mechanical overhaul. The other Citroens
were doing well; the silver DS23 was about
to get a new paint coat, and the Mehari was
still used on a daily basis (3 pics on the