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Last August 2008, Karl Bohte, a proven DS hunter in India, stumbled upon this "forlorn"
DS in Mumbai. It is said to belong to Jameel, the founder and probably only member of
the Mumbai Citroen Club. He tells the story:

"I travelled to Bombay (now Mumbai) yesterday and visited a garage that specialises in
repairing older vehicles, especially VWs. I was shocked to see this DS standing in a
corner, looking quite forlorn. It belongs to one Mr Jameel, who I have always heard of as
being a Citroen fan. I also saw a Traction Avant and a couple of 2CV vans, also belonging
to him. He is the founder (and also possibly the only member!) of Club Citroen de Bombay."
"I am told Jameel drove this particular DS in a Paris Dakar rally years ago. Im also told
that he has had many DS over the years, but this is the only one surviving, having
scrapped the others for want of spares. Im trying to contact him for more details."

Well, Karl, That's a find ! I have my doubts about the participation of a DS to a Paris-
Dakar rallye "a few years ago", but this Mr Jameel is certainly one interesting person.
I hope we'll hear more about him soon !
Update ! (October 2014) Older photos of this car, which appears to be a 1970 DSpecial,
have resurfaced. They were taken by Citroen buff Ravi Nene, during the "Rally of the Raj"
between Mubai and Delhi, in February 2000. Ravi posted these photos with the following
comments: "The highlight of this rally (for me at least) was the first and only sighting I had
of the legendary Citroen "Deesse" DS - the Goddess herself, in Mumbai. The car was
beautifully maintained, and it was a pleasure to behold how the hydro-pneumatic
suspension worked. The Goddess stood almost touching the ground when stationary,
and when started - gently lifted herself and glided away... I will never forget this !"  
Ravi then adds: "The girl whom you see alongside the DS - I was dating her back then.
Suitably impressed by my temerity to drag her to a vintage rally on a Sunday morning -
she finally agreed to marry me !".
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