In April 1967, Greg Lehey, 18 years old, and
his father, left Kuala Lumpur at the wheel of
a Citroen ID19 for a trip which was to take
them eventually to England. He kept a diary,
and also took a few pictures while crossing
the sub-continent East to West.
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The diary starts on April 20th in Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia, from where father and
son drove to Penang and boarded a boat
to Madras (today's Chennai), on the
South-eastern coast of India. They drove
then all the way to New Delhi, via
Hyderabad and Nagpur, with of course the
unavoidable halts in Khajuraho and Agra.
They went on to Chandigarh, Amritsar,
climbed the mountain up to Srinagar in
Kashmir, then crossed the border and
reached Lahore in Pakistan on May 15th.
The trip took them through Afghanistan, Iran
and Turkey before they reached Europe; on
June 6th they were in London.
Greg has put his diary and some pictures online (English):

The car is by no means the main subject, but it gives a fairly good  idea of the atmosphere
of such a trip in those days: the "stinking heat" and the sweat sticking to the blue PVC, the
dust, the absence of road signs, the red tape at borders, the nights at local YMCAs or at
"grotty little rest houses", the expensive gasoline, the greasing routines.

The ID19 does not seem to have suffered that much, apart from a minor hydraulic leak,
quickly fixed (picture below), and a couple of flat tires. They did not see any other DS, but
were confirmed theirs was the best choice; the few Land Rovers they encountered all
failed due to damage to the differential. And in spite of the "grotty little roads", impressive
speeds could be reached, such as 130 or even 150 km/h ! As a matter of fact Greg notes
the first time they were overtaken was... in Germany.
Bottom left: the famous Taj Mahal in Agra. Bottom right: the non less famous sculptures of Khajuraho.
Greg has indeed Citroen blood in his veins.
Norman, his father, was driving a Traction
Avant during the family's first years in
Malaya, where he was working as an
architect since 1954. In the early 60' it
became clear an upgrade was necessary,
with a car able to endure the tough local
roads. In August 1963 in Paris, Norman
purchased a brand new ID19, and had it
shipped it to Port Swettenham (today Port
Kelang), Malaya.

The goal of the 1967 intercontinental trip
was initially to send young Greg to study in
Germany; but the sheer fun of driving was
also part of the story, since the car later had
to be shipped back to Malaya, where it
continued to be used for a few years, before
being scrapped (more precisely, "driven
over a cliff") in 1972. Greg recalls there
were quite a few DS in that country in those
years, including a "Prestige" version
belonging to the French ambassador.
The white (well, probably) 1963 model-year ID19.
Greg's father replaced the ID19 with a DS21 Pallas in 1973, which Greg also used in
Australia in early 1978 (picture above); Greg himself subsequently got another DS21
Pallas, then a DS23 Pallas. More than enough for him to justify in his personal site a
specific page about his history with the D series (English):
Top: during a break in the Khyber Pass, Eastern
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