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China incl. Hong-Kong
Rumor had it that a DS had been sleeping
in a Hong-Kong underground garage for
ages. Local DSinAsia hunter Frankie Chow
found it for us. Under the veil, the old
beauty, who reportedly has been
abandoned there for at least the last 20
years, showed itself in a rather sad condition.
This 1974 DS23, and other classic cars
parked nearby, reportedly belong to the
car park's owner. Rust got the best of the
body panels, and the trim needs a good
refection, but the car seems complete and
can probably be salvaged. It certainly
deserves to, being one of the very few
DS remaining in Hong-Kong !   
The serial number and
the original paint code
can still be read,
engraved on metal
plates screwed onto the
engine room's wall (two
photos on the left), and
indicate the car's type: a
carburettor 1974 DS23 ;
and the original body
colour: AC427,
corresponding to "vert
argenté" (silver green).