China incl. Hong-Kong
King's Road in Hong-Kong in 1958, with a DS
parked on one side of the street (left), and large
signs with Citroen and its importer "Oriental
Motor" on the other, in English and Chinese
scripts. Document Ian Foster.

As shown by the ID19 ad on the left (South
China Morning Post, 21 March 1959), The
Oriental Motor Car Co., situated on 256-8,
King's Road, was indeed Citroen's sole
distributor in the British colony. It was also
the importer for other automotive brands,
such as Nash, and, later, Nissan, on a
market then dominated by British makes.  
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Above left: from a Japanese male fashion magazine (Men's Club, May 1967),
in a 2-pages report about "cars seen in Hong-Kong", a rare picture of a DS in
the former British territory. The wheel is on the right, and the "Citroen" logo on
the hood indicates the car was made in Slough, Great-Britain.
Above right: photo shot in Hong-Kong, presumably in the '60s. What a body
line ! (doc. Wouter Jansen).   
Update ! (April 2015)
Oriental Motors tells us
to be "10 years ahead"
with this ad for Citroen's
ID19 (Citrospecial Jan