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Violence, money, sex, gambling. Everything to make a great
Hong-Kong gangster movie. Cherry on the cake, "Bo Hao" ("To be
number one") features a wide variety of cars, including, yes, a DS.
This 1991 movie, directed by Poon Man Kit
and produced by Johnny Mak, tells the story
of Ho, a mainland peasant who escapes to
Hong-Kong and becomes a top local mafia
boss. A Hong-Kong Scarface so to say.
Featuring Ray Lui, Kent Cheng and Cecilia
The DS appears shortly, in only two scenes. In
the first, a severely beaten and bleeding
gangster is rescued by his mates, and whisked
away in a DS, in the dark, rainy night, as it
should be.
A while later another gangster, "naked as a
worm" as we say in French, runs away from
the enemy, before realizing that the car
chasing him is a friendly one, and a DS at
that; he eventually jumps in.
Not much can be seen of the DS, it goes too
fast and everything happens in the dark.

There is no reason to believe the movie could  
have been shot elsewhere than in Hong-Kong;
so the DS should have been a local one, and,
who knows, it may still be there ?
Many different car brands appear in the film:
Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, Volvo, Jaguar, even at
least one Peugeot. Director Poon Man Kit may
be a car fan ?
We can only hope no blood stains remained on
the seats. Would be too bad.
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