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Jean-François initially did not intend to sell
the car. But he was contacted by the
Citroen Conservatoire (the Citroen
museum near Paris), who was looking for
the latest, best-equipped DS, and he was
eventually convinced that it would be a nice
thing for  his perfectly maintained DS to
represent Citroen on the other side of the
world. These photos show the car being
loaded in the container bound for China.
Previous and third owner Jean-François
David explains the car details: it is a 1973
electronic injection DS23 Pallas, with a   
high equipment level: leather interior trim,
original air conditioning, head rests. Only   
the body and paint (Beige Tholonet)
underwent restoration 20 years ago, all the
rest is original on this 138,000 km mileage
beauty, which he bought in 2006.           
A beautiful and fully equipped DS23 was
exposed alongside Citroen's latest models
at the 2010 Beijing Motor Show. The car
was later donated to an auto museum in
Beijing, with the condition that Citroen could
use it anytime for other local expositions or
events. Some photos of this expo could be
found on several blogs.
Update ! (July, 2013) I decided to go and
have a look for myself at the Beijing Auto
Museum, in March, 2013. The DS23 was
there, tucked away in a corner near the
toilets and the drinks distributing machine,
since it could only be given a temporary
place, in this otherwise beautiful museum.
Check their website here: (Chinese and
Let's not leave the museum without having a quick look at the two other Citroens in the place: a 1925-made 5HP,
"driven by Elisabeth Pette and Fabien Hamm of the French Road and Man Association on 16,000 km as a celebration
for the 1907 Beijing-Paris car rally", and later donated by Citroen. The 2CV comes from New York, where it was still in
use as recently as 2009, as shown by the sticker on the windshield.
The photos below, found on the web, show the same car, during the Shanghai Auto Show
in April, 2013. The DS23 is thus valiantly doing its part to promote the DS brand in the
Middle Kingdom.
Update ! (July 2015) The DS continues to steal the show, here at the 2015 Shanghai Auto