An actual DS was flown in from France in 2004, in order to be part of an exposition
about Charles De Gaulle, held in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan and Chengdu. The car
is the very one that endured criminals' bullets during the famous "Petit-Clamart"
incident in 1962, in the Paris suburbs; the French President's driver managed to
drive away in spite of two flat tires. The pictures above were taken at the arrival at
Beijing airport on Sept 22nd, 2004.
The car, a DS19,  in Shanghai, Nov.
2004. Photo from the official site of
Grand Charles; link (French):
Another picture of the car (right), taken
at the expo it seems, can be found in a
Chinese book entitled "Cars of famous
people" in the "Automotive stories"
series, published in 2006 by the
Publishing House of Electronics Industry
in Beijing.
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And finally this one (left), found on the web.
Update ! (Feb 2014) The same car is
sent again in January 2014 to Beijing
and other Chinese cities, part of another
exhibition (photos right and below).
It should be
mentioned though
that in spite of what
most news reports
say, this is not the
original car, but a