China incl. Hong-Kong
This has got to be our Graal: is there any DS in mainland China ? Can there be ? It
is hard to imagine the DS imported in communist and tight-closed China during its
prime time, i.e. 1955-1975, but who knows... Here are a few documents in the
The DS in Chinese car and design books. See them all
An actual DS was flown in from France in 2004, in order to be part of
an exposition about Charles De Gaulle, held in Shanghai, Beijing,
Wuhan and Chengdu.
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Violence, money, sex, gambling. Everything to make a great Hong-
Kong gangster movie. Cherry on the cake, "Bo Hao" ("To be number
one") features a wide variety of cars, including a DS.
Two nice right-hand drive DS, presumably DS23, recently imported to
Hong-Kong, one from Australia, the other one from South Africa. It
must have proved too difficult for the owner, a rich collector and
businessman, to source them locally.
Some more photos
King's Road in Hong-Kong in 1958, with a DS parked on one side of
the street, and large signs with Citroen and its importer "Oriental
Motor " on the other, in English and Chinese scripts.
A beautiful and fully equipped DS23 was exposed alongside Citroen's
latest models at the 2010 Beijing Motor Show. The car was later
donated to an auto museum in Beijing, with the condition that Citroen
could use it anytime for other local expositions or events.
photos and the history of the car   
A diplomat's DS in a Beijing street in the '70s. A very unique document,
courtesy of Erik van Ingen Schenau, of the China Motor Vehicle
Documentation Center, who has been keeping track for years of
everything automotive in China.
See his website here (English):
Rumor had it that a DS had been sleeping in a Hong-Kong
underground garage for ages. Local DSinAsia hunter Frankie Chow
found it for us.
See it
Citroen needing so badly to build the image of its new "DS" line from
scratch in China, the largest and fastest growing market in the world,
that they brought another 23 to display in exhibitions and show-
rooms, most lately during the opening of the "DS World" flagship
store in Shanghai.
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