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Cambodia's king Norodom Sihanouk was famously fond of automobiles, and the Citroen
DS was sometimes used in official functions.
These three photos, presumably
coming from Citroen's archives,
illustrate the arrival of the DS19
in Cambodia's capital Phnom-
Penh, in the late '50s.

Left: in front of the Royal Palace
("Generation Auto", Nov-Dec 2014)

Below left: in front of the National Museum
("La DS19", Fabien Sabates, ed. ETAI,
with "Saigon" mistakenly mentioned as
the location)

Below right: another view in front of the
Royal Palace ("Les Citroen du Monde",
ed. ETAI... in the "China" chapter !)  
Very few DS must have been delivered in
Cambodia, and then again, mostly to the
country's ruling elite. The photo on the left
(1961) is one of the very few showing a
DS in Phnom-Penh's streets.

The photos below were taken in 1965,
during the visits of Singapore's Deputy
Prime Minister Dr Toh Chin Chye (left,
again with the Royal Palace in the
background) and of his colleague  
Education Minister Inche Abdul Rahim
Ishak (right, Singapore News Archives).  
Sihanouk, whose personal
favorite was a Facel Vega,  
mostly used convertible
Lincolns during foreign heads
of states' visits, but a Citroen
DS can sometimes be found
following behind, like on
this photo showing the
motorcade of Yugoslav
President Tito entering the
National Stadium in January,
1968 ("Photos-souvenirs
du Cambodge, Sangkum
Reastr Niyum 1955-1969").   
Citroen DS can also be seen in news clips made during the visits to Angkor Wat of
French President De Gaulle (above left, 1966) and Jackie Kennedy (above right, 1967).
See the footage here:

and here:
Last but not least, this is
Sihanouk himself exiting a
DS, in front of the SKMA's
2CV assembly plant in
More about
it on this page,

Sihanouk also directed
movies, sone of them briefly
showing a DS or two;
on this page,
Left: one of Sihanouk's convertible Lincolns, here during
a visit to a college in Phnom Penh for its inauguration
on 18 January 1969. Note the number plate ! One of a
kind (Photos-souvenirs du Cambodge - Sangkum
Reastr Niyum 1955-1969).

Below: Sihanouk's Facel Vega, the only one in the
country, here with his wife, Queen Monique, in the '60s.