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Norodom Sihanouk also made films. He authored and acted in several movies about his
country, in which a DS can occasionally be spotted. To be true, other car models, beautiful
ones at that (Rolls, convertible Mercedes and Facel Vega...) are shown much more
prominently than the Citroen. Sihanouk, who once admitted he wanted to be an actor
when he was young, played major roles in several of his own films, along with his wife
Monique and other members of the royal family.
Above: his first movie, "Apsara" (1966), gives Sihanouk
an opportunity to showcase the modern realizations of
his country. During a tour of Phnom Penh, a white roofed
blue DS can be seen circling around the Independance
Monument (built in 1958), then parked in front of the
Chaktomouk Hall (1961).

Left: a DS is used by the (corrupt) police in "The good
life" ("La joie de vivre", 1969).

Below: two DS can be seen parked behind the arriving
Rolls, in "Twilight" ("Crépuscule", 1969).   
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